Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Cholecystectomy: At One Week

I have to say that my recovery from having my gallbladder removed has picked up. Those first few days I rather regretted having the darn thing removed. I suppose I just bought into the thought that since the scars will be small that must mean the surgery was somehow less than surgery.

The truth is, surgery is surgery. When you have an organ removed your body will likely need time to recover. Sure there may be people who recover faster than normal. Some people may indeed be able to resume normal activities within a couple of days. But I'm coming to believe that they are the exception, not the rule.

Being a research oriented type of person I decided to see if the World Wide Web had any info to be gleaned about recovering from gallbladder surgery. Triple W, I've spent enough time with it to have earned the use of a nickname, didn't let me down.

By reading through a  bunch of posts on a message board I found out that I fit into a rather large group of people. It seemed a common story that a patient was led to believe that being cut open and having an organ removed was no more notable than having, say, a mole removed. It seems a bit ridiculous when I say it like that, but I fell for it.

Many people were told that everything would be back to normal within a couple of days of having surgery. Some by doctors, some by lucky former gallbladder owners that apparently have the healing power of Wolverine. They all were worried that something was wrong with them.

Having felt the same way I understand. All manner of horrible thoughts ran through my head. But having read the words of so many people who went through the exact same thing as me I realized that my recovery was quite normal. I just wasn't going to be one of the easy healers.

That is okay. Because despite all of my concern I am healing. In fact, at this point I have moments where I forget that just seven days ago I underwent major surgery to remove one of my organs. I still have pain, but it is not constant. At rest I don't notice it. Much of the time is could be better classified as discomfort.

Of course I still have moments of painful pain. Very often precipitated by one of my children being in contact with me. Sometimes it stings. I attribute that to the fact that my nursling is very warm and where our bodies meet there is prolonged contact with sweat. And there is the itching. Lots of itching. But I try to see that as my body healing and it doesn't get to me. Much.

All in all I believe my recovery is coming along nicely. I have my followup appointment tomorrow where I hope to get a few questions answered and reassurance that everything is fine. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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